Photo Retouching & Restoration

Often images can be valuable enough that money can't buy. Especially only old copy image of relatives or dear ones, may become adorable to be kept generation to generation. This sort of images turns out fade, damaged or cracked for the sake of time. Need to mention, this happens only on hard copies because, as we know already, digital images never fade out or get damaged. Photo Restoration and Retouching service of Fast Clipping Path (FCP) got the ultimate solution for your photos which are valuable to you for recovery. We use several software for editing including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe CS. This is one great service thru which you will not only get your images recovered but also add some effects which can turn them into pieces of art in digital format.

What is Image Restoration and Retouching? As a matter of fact, Image Restoration and Image Retouching is not same but comes after one another. Torn, damaged photos or images recovery by correcting the errors and turn them into clean and fresh one, is Image Restoration. This is a practice of restoring digital image appearance from hard copy or physical photograph, harmed for some reason like nature, mishandle, old by time, lack of better storing or carelessness. FCP not only recover your damaged image by Restoration service but also add extra effect by Retouching service, so that it becomes new, shiny or attractive at your will. Retouching is also useful for new images like beauty, fashion, model, wedding, product, real estate, sports, travel, nature etc. Our skilled and experienced image editors use their skill and unique ideas to serve you the best.
ravel, nature etc. Our skilled and experienced image editors use their skill and unique ideas to serve you the best.

Types in brief- Photo Restoration and Retouching

FCP serves you the best image restoration including antique, old image recovery and retouching with extra care. Check out below our techniques and work procedure for both services.

Let's see Photo Restoration first!

Damage Restoration: Damage Restoration is highly useful for removing stains, chemical coats, loss of pigments, folded/torn/cracked recovery, album glue damage correction, wiping out dirt/scratches/water mark, removing Silver Fish Damage and much more. This is the first stage of restoration so that the image can be corrected properly by studying.
Background and Border Restoration: Focusing object of the image may not need much correction but background along with side frame is harmed. In this case, our expert editors use their idea to correct the portions. This way restoration procedure moves forward.
Color Addition: Now comes the part of adding color on the image. This technique is generally applied on black and white images of past time when color camera did not exist. FCP's smart and creative image editors color this kind of image, covering whole black and white environment.

Forwarding to Photo/Image Retouching!

Glamour Retouching: Glamour Retouching is widely effective for human body and face after correcting broken portions of the image. Especially it is used for fine tuning so that uneven tone, blemishes are corrected. Also used for highlighting, hair color and sharpening the image.
Color Correction and Retouching: Old and faded photos are edited by photo editing software for restoration. Also color is corrected to make the image like new. Sharpness is also adjusted thru this.
Mould Removal: Thru Image Retouching, mould is removed from the damaged image. This section also includes background repair and color contrast correction.
Lighting/shaky Effect correction: Old photos even new photos often found inappropriate by lighting. There is also shaky view seen because of unstable camera handling. Both errors are corrected by this.

Portrait Retouch Service

This is the most important of Image Retouching service. Widely useful for photographs taken on any occasion, especially wedding. These photos are taken in short but need to keep for long. So retouching of the images fix the errors of any type. Also we add extra effects that all the images become rich with level of detail.

Photo Retouching and Restoration service is a great solution for damaged images in present. There was a time, people had to use extra protection to keep washed images look good for long. Money is another mentionable issue that cannot be avoided. Films of the images needed to keep in cool and dry place with extra care. After all the precautions, images got damaged one way or another. Hard or physical copy was printed on paper. So it is obvious to get damaged. FCP got the solution for you to get your memories back and update with color, correction and visually beautiful effect. You do not need to worry about storing the pictures. Thru this service, final finished images will be digital and you can keep your soft copy or copies safe and print physical for decoration.

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