Free Trial

Well! Said Enough- Let's Judge Yourself by Our Free Trial

Welcome to our Free Trial Service Page. Fast Clipping Path allows any new customers to work with us as a test drive before starting with us a project! By this way you will be able to judge the quality of our work by yourself. You don’t even need any credit card or further commitment to take this opportunity. You just simply need to fill up the form with simple information and attach your images. We can assure you 100% image security, we will never ever use or leak your images anywhere without your prior concern, even if it is a free trial. So why waiting? Let’s do it.

  • You can upload up to 3 images as free trial
  • Most type of image files are allowed.
  • No zip file please, we do not allow any zip files
  • Maximum allowed file size 128 MB (Combined or individual)
  • If your file size exceeds 100 MB than you can send us your files via Google drive, Dropbox, or wetransfer or our FTP service.
  • For google drive and dropbox: You have to create a public URL or share your folder with our email address at
  • Please contact us at if you face any trouble to upload your images, we are active always.